Introduction / History

Before department of Law is established, many departments of Providence University have offered some legal curriculum, which are planned by Human Society department of Center of General Education, and the College of Management. For the purpose of Diversification of law courses and the requirement for professional law staffs in Taiwan society, the preparatory department of department of laws was established in January, 2003, which belonged to the college of liberal Arts. The director, Professor Keh-Jing Lin of department of International Trade, take the responsibility of all preparatory work. It works from 2003 and we recruited 55 students into department of Law.

The department of Law first dean director is professor Keh-Jing Lin. Our department changed to become a new College of Human and Social Science in 2004. At the same time, increased one more class in 2005.

The aim for department of Law is to train law research and judiciary of talent. The main point is to rear attaining socialism, increase the country’s development, abide the professional moral principles, and the demand of country society’s development and attend to academic research, in order to serve the national society.
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